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weekend week day
my parents came this weekend, with the addition of my sister's boyfriend robert, my aunt jann and her son caleb. they had a blast, as did i, but it was tiring. it was also stressful having to be the trip planner, chaffeur, itenarary master, and other things. we went to the apple store one day, and while we were there my dad felt like he needed to buy me something from the apple store, so he bought me a 250 gb firewire 800 external lacie hard drive to back up my architecture work and thousands of pictures of myself, most of which i have shown only to a few people.

itsnice not to have 5 day weeks. not having monday classes was nice, especially not having studio. my instructor mary is lots of things, but the term that could best be used to describe her would be "totally fucking worthless". right now i am supposed to be attending a workshop for thw woodshop and laser cutter system, but i decided that i'd rather go get a coffee and bagel crom the atruim instead. that cuts an hour out of studio, which is where i would be if i wasn't "attending" the workshop. every wednesday we have a mandatory lecture during studio time which is probably one of the best things to have ever come out of studio. right now my efforts are concentrated into getting mary to believe that i am at the woodshop orientation, which i just went to check on. and what a good decision i made, because i just saw her walk into the architecture building as i was coming out of one of the other doors. i couldn't have timed that better if i tried.

i don't have class tomorrow until 3:00, which means that i will spend most of today catching up on some readings and trying to figure out what to do with 16 other pictures on this roll od film i have. working with color film is interesting.

its turning fall. i'm excited. reminds me of driving the mercedes-benz c289 sport. those cars are really amazing. it also reminds me that i have a birthday soon, in 10 days exactly.

i gotta jet
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